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TraXs music streaming dApp demo video

Check out our music streaming service demo video here

Founder of THC Recordz becomes ambassador for SmartLabel

SmartLabel is proud to announce that the founder of THC Recordz and vedette of the Dutch hip-hop scene, Hamda Belgaroui, has become their ambassador ahead of the launch of their music streaming ser...

TraXs, the streaming service that takes artists seriously

SmartLabel is developing the tools to make the music industry a fairer place by giving artists control over their music.

SmartLabel is building the music experience of the future

They're building the streaming and royalty app TraXs using web3 technology to ensure the music industry is fairer. It is a streaming service that puts the artist in control.

TraXs makes music streaming more fun for everyone

SmartLabel is building the music listening experience of the future. One that offers a vibrant listening experience for you as a fan while treating artists fairly

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About SmartLabel

SmartLabel is on a mission to make the music industry a fairer place by giving back control to artists. Here, artists control what their music is worth to monetise it properly. Their platform is open and transparent so artists know what’s going on. You can distribute your music to all the big music platforms and work with your royalties like never before. It’s the future of what streaming should be.


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