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d'Tuniz is seen as pivotal for the Dutch hip-hop scene and in helping emerging artists make it in the industry

Groningen - 17 April 2024 - SmartLabel is proud to announce that the founder of THC Recordz and vedette of the Dutch hip-hop scene Hamda Belgaroui has become their ambassador ahead of launching their streaming service TraXs. With over 20 years of experience, he knows the music industry well. With that knowledge, he helps emerging artists find their place in the industry and connect with their fans. SmartLabel is realising this vision with TraXs and so they decided to join forces to make the music industry a better place for artists.

As a youngster, Hamda brought together a group of friends in Tuindorp in the north of Amsterdam who shared a love for rap music. By American example, they set up one of the first rap labels in the Netherlands. This formed a community in their neighbourhood that is still going strong to this day and has a significant influence on the Dutch rap scene.

I knew from a young age how powerful it was to organise as a group and to band together for something bigger than yourself. says Hamda Belgaroui

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The label became a success and grew into a serious business, but that also put pressure on the group. Hamda primarily focused on creating concepts and reaching their audience but realised that running a record label required more than creativity.

With the label's growth, they faced new challenges due to how the music industry operates. Perhaps good for tough music businesses, but not for a group of friends who want to share their love for music with the world.

This still happens today. Artists are offered contracts and eagerly sign without knowing exactly what they are getting into. They think they've made it, only to later realise that they've enriched everyone around them except themselves. That can make a music career feel like a cold shower and be disheartening to continue.

Therefore, having experienced these challenges firsthand, Hamda supports TraXs. The label’s story could have been very different if they had felt less pressure from the industry and had more ways to monetise their music. Music streaming service TraXs ensures that artists can focus on making music.

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Today, the label's legacy is much bigger than just the music they released. They are seen as one of the founders of the Dutch hip-hop scene. A group that inspires others to get involved with music and build communities around it.

Looking at SmartLabel’s team and where the technology is, I see the perfect combination of knowledge, passion for music and opportunity. Looking at what is going on in the industry, this is the perfect time to take on this adventure.

About SmartLabel

Smartlabel is building the streaming service and royalty app TraXs to make the music industry a better place for artists. Thanks to the experience of the founders, the team knows that fixing this problem will improve a lot of lives. Being at the intersection of music, business and tech, SmartLabel is in the ideal position to understand and solve the music industry's problems.

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About SmartLabel

SmartLabel is on a mission to make the music industry a fairer place by giving back control to artists. Here, artists control what their music is worth to monetise it properly. Their platform is open and transparent so artists know what’s going on. You can distribute your music to all the big music platforms and work with your royalties like never before. It’s the future of what streaming should be.

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