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TraXs is everything and more you didn't know you were missing from Spotify before

SmartLabel is shaping the future of music by building TraXs, a music streaming service that offers a new, more connected music experience that treats artists fairly. TraXs provides a rich listening experience for you as a listener. Where you can directly connect with your favourite artists and even invest in them. TraXs offers everything and more that you didn't know you were missing from Spotify.

As a listener, your experience should be effortless. You should have all your music in one place, not pay too much, and know your money is directly supporting the artist you're listening to. Unfortunately, this is not as common as you might think. Part of your subscription fee goes to artists you don't even listen to. TraXs is not only just as easy to use as other platforms like Spotify, but it also ensures your money goes to the artists you love.

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With the TraXs streaming service, this isn't just wishful thinking. Artists have a say in what they want to earn from a stream. As a fan, you can also purchase a portion of the royalty income a song will generate over a certain period, directly supporting your favourite artist. And every time that song is played, you share in the revenue creating a unique experience.

Because the platform is open when you opt in, artists can also know who you are. This allows them to reward you with exclusive previews of their music, discounts on merchandise, or other ways the artist uniquely wants to connect with you as a fan. 

Co-founder Joost Rohde sees the platform as another way artists can express themselves, saying, “TraXs puts artistic creativity back at the forefront and gives the musical experience an entirely new dimension.”

TraXs is as easy to use as other streaming services but much more fun, from building a bond with artists to getting rewarded for listening. You pay only for what you listen to, and that payment goes directly to your favourite artists. Being able to invest in artists makes this a unique, revolutionary listening experience.

TraXs uses the possibilities of today to offer an experience that feels both familiar and totally new, putting both the listener and the artist first.

TraXs, SmartLabel's streaming and royalty app, will be launched as a beta during ADE later this year.

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About SmartLabel

SmartLabel is on a mission to make the music industry a fairer place by giving back control to artists. Here, artists control what their music is worth to monetise it properly. Their platform is open and transparent so artists know what’s going on. You can distribute your music to all the big music platforms and work with your royalties like never before. It’s the future of what streaming should be.

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